Which Artificial Grass Type Is Best for your home?

You may be surprised to find out that you don’t know the answer to this question! There are so many different types of grass that is used in lawns all over the world. There are two main types, natural grass, and synthetic grass. Most turf owners will choose one over the other but this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the one you chose.

Artificial grass, or macro fibers, is created with the same genes as our own grass. It is known as a strong type of turf because it is well suited for high traffic areas. Many homeowners like to have it because it is durable and it keeps their grass looking good.

If you don’t think grass that is synthetic is that good for your yard, you will be surprised at how many homeowners are turning to artificial grass. When we go out to the store and pick out the grass for our lawn, it looks and feels exactly like the grass we would get if we walked outside on our own lawn. It’s just that they didn’t use chemicals when they mowed down the grass.

You can create a grassy that has boulders in it or even create an incline. It is great because people will find it difficult to walk over rough patches of turf. Lawns that are designed this way are not only beautiful but they are also healthy for the person that walks over it.

People do tend to walk on grass more often when it’s hot outside. This is because it feels so good. Even if your lawn is not done already, it is very easy to create a nice walkway by adding just a few stones or boulders to the ground.

As you begin your search for the best turf, you should consider whether you prefer to work with natural grass or artificial grass. If you are unsure of your preference, it’s always good to take a trip to your local garden center. They will show you what the different types of grass that they carry would look like. You can then make an informed decision about which artificial grass is best for your home.

Artificial grass that has been designed this way is known as direct sunlight reactive grass. It has microscopic micro-burrs in the base to ensure that the grass does not absorb too much heat from the sun. Natural grass is also capable of doing this but it will cause certain areas to become scorched and have to be mowed off.

The nice thing about grass that is designed in this way is that it is easy to maintain. Since it is made up of micro-burrs it is not easily damaged by water, pests, or various other household elements. Even if someone spills something on it, the turf will not soak it up.

Synthetic grass is great because it is very durable and lasts a long time. While it’s possible to bring grass from the store to your home, it will usually need to be mowed regularly. It’s important to remember that while this artificial grass may look like grass, it is not the same.


Your house can be protected from harmful elements if you purchase artificial grass that is UV protected. Many people don’t realize that the grass is exposed to ultraviolet rays during the day. It’s important to keep it away from direct sunlight because it will lose color and then discolor.


Your biggest choice when it comes to which artificial grass is best is the type of patina it will leave. If you have natural grass or any grass that is chemically treated then you will want stuff that will have a nice natural look. If you are interested in the look of a Turfmaster, or any other kind of synthetic grass, you should purchase a product that has a patina that is comparable to natural grass.


If you buy fake grass with a lot of chemicals in it, you will have to mow it more often than natural grass. Artificial grass is always best in areas where people are not likely to walk on it.

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