How to fix a hole in the roof:

If there is a hole in your roof it is the sign of disaster; the hole can lead water damage inside the house or germs to enter in your house and your temporary patches are not going to stay there forever; as soon as the rain starts you patch will go down with it. Your first priority should be to fix your roof one to fix it because it is something that should not be ignored. If you don’t know how to fix a roof whole then this article is for you; give it a read and you will know how to fix the hole easily.

The things that you need to fix the hole are safety boots, safety gloves, safety goggles, a ladder (maybe), roofing cement, paint stirring stick, plastic putty knife, newspapers, drywall patches with adhesive.  

Steps to fix a roof hole:

  1. Safety first: Wear your safety equipment. I.e. the boots, the gloves, the goggles, and the ladder. Carry your tools with yourself in the tools belt and not in your hand because they can slip and fall down or can also hurt you.
  2. New shingles: Take the new shingles to the top of the roof and then remove the shingles that are destroyed and spoiled. Use the claw of a hammer to take out the nails of the old shingle so that you can replace it with a new one.
  3. Change the old shingles with the new ones: Prepare to change the wood of that hole.  If the hole is near the vent or chimney, maybe the wood can be repaired like maybe your spoiled wood has splintered, so you cut all the splintered wood and then repair it with new plywood.
  4. Measuring your hole and the new plywood: Pitch the spoiled wood with plywood of the same thickness and the exact same size. Put at least 10 nails on it and after making sure that it is properly set (use more nails if needed) cover the plywood with additional plywood and tar to secure the hole.
  5. Making your hole more long-lasting: Put Monroe Roofing Contractor on a tar paper or felt cloth over the missing plywood/ shingles.  The paper or felt that you are covering it with; you should tuck it into the wood to secure it. Also, nail the paper on the roof after every 20 inches to secure it, even more, it is better if you overlap the sheets and use more sheets to cover your roof.
  6. Giving your roof a fresh look: Put the new shingles over the area you just repaired and remove their adhesive to put on the 1st row of shingles. Put in the roofing nails across the horizontal lines to secure them in their places. Overlap one row with another one and at the end, you should nail the remaining shingles under the flaps. Apply some tar over each nail that you put to make them waterproof and more long-lasting.

Now for a small overview of how you can save your roof from crumbling down:

  1. Wear your safety gear.
  2. Take up the new shingles over the roof and take off the old one.
  3. Prepare your sheathing around the spoiled wood- hole.
  4. Patch the wood with same thickness plywood and of the same measurement
  5. Now lay the roofing felt or tar paper over those missing shingles
  6. Finally, lay the fresh pair of shingles on the section you just repaired and voila! Your roof is as good as new.

Follow these easy and simple steps to save your time and repair your roof like a pro.

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